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Sherrie Rose, author, internet entrepreneur and webinar coach, well known by her pencil-sketch profile illustration. Talents: ♦ Leading Web Event Strategist ♦ Web Summit Expert, Webinar Master, Webinar Coach ♦ Strategic Relationship Builder♦ Sherrie Rose, Author, 'The Webinar Way' One of the best ways to build relationships and have people get to know, like and trust you is a webinar.In business, Sherrie is a leading web event strategist and webinar master. Sherrie is the International Spokesperson for The Power of Webinars and sought-after webinar coach. On a daily basis Sherrie spends her time as a webinar coach helping entrepreneurs and promoters maximize the power of webinars for more leads, more sales, and a better connection with customers around the world. As you broadcast your way to success with webinar fame, the importance of Liking and Authority are major factors as described in Pillar 5 in the book, The Webinar Way. These two principles made famous by author Robert Ciadlini because "People prefer to say 'yes' to those they know and like," and "People respect authority. They want to follow the lead of real experts."Webinars (web+seminar) come in many forms and on many platforms including Google Hangouts on air.♦  It all starts with LIKING in every relationship, both business and personal.♦ Sherrie's a master at networking and opening hearts and minds (and in the business arena, closing sales). Guru Series Interview by Eben Pagan (stage name David DeAngelo) kicked off Sherrie's online business activity: Secrets to 'The Love Bucket®' - The Love Linguist®. She is fondly known for coining the term 'lovematism.' Sherrie says: "Share. When you see a person without a smile, give him yours." And, online, give a #LikesUP !!! Motto: The Real Currency is Relationship Riches™     

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  • Webinar Master, Author, Leading Web Event Strategist at The Webinar Way

    ♦ Leading Web Event Strategist ♦ Highly-Profitable Webinar Master At Your Service ♦ Sherrie Rose, Author, The Webinar Way (on Amazon) >> HAPPY CLIENTS Talk about Sherrie Rose: >> ★ “I've done well over 100 webinars, yet Sherrie's coaching had a huge impact and resulted in a much more successful webinar. Here's why Sherrie's such a good webinar coach: 1) She knows what works. She's worked with some of the best webinar marketers in the world and has a "kitbag" of techniques that will boost your webinar attendance, engagement and sales whether you're a beginner or an advanced webinar presenter. 2) She's a joy to work with. Prepping and delivering a big webinar is a high stress environment with tough timescales. Sherrie gets you through it and boosts your webinar with finesse. She knows when to push and when to support so that you get the very best results. If you want better results from your webinars, I'd call Sherrie Rose.” –IAN BRODIE >> ★ “I recently worked with Sherrie to help me improve my webinar presentation for a global coaching audience. Although I consider myself experienced at running webinars Sherrie's advice was exceptional. She completely transformed my slide deck to increase engagement and focus participant attention. What can I say? I received rave reviews and I give her my highest recommendation. She is a true expert in the field with deep content and she holds the key to what will work for your audience. If you are thinking of working with Sherrie Rose, just do it - you will be thrilled!” -JAYNE WARRILOW >> ★ "Sherrie worked with us to enhance our webinar in preparation for a large program launch. There is a fine art and a specific science to designing webinars for a launch, and Sherrie brought a mastery of both. She very quickly understood our content and audience and was able to contribute valuable guidance, wisdom, and expertise in the many iterations of the evolution of our presentation. She knows her stuff and is able to surgically hone in on how to take your webinar from drab to fab! If you're designing a webinar presentation to both teach and enroll, definitely bring Sherrie on board. She gets results!" -SUZI POMERANTZ >> ★ Recommendation for Sherrie Rose: "It is rare that you get to work with a world-class expert or the best in class in anything. Sherrie Rose happens to be that person when it comes to creating webinars that generate serious results. She worked with me to create a webinar for an audience of high-end professionals that resulted in 30% conversion. More importantly, Sherrie guided me through the process to make sure that everything was right, including: marketing the webinar, staying in touch with participants beforehand with value-added content, tactics to maximize webinar attendance, follow up to a variety of categories of participants after the webinar, and the webinar presentation itself. She also coached me through multiple rehearsals of the webinar to make sure that it was crisp and effective before the live events, and she moderated the webinar in ways that increased conversion. She also has helped take the webinar and turn it into an evergreen marketing program. Put simply, if you seek an expert in webinars that convert you will not find a better resource than Sherrie. She is professional, personable, and fun to work with -- and she is committed to client results. Hire her." -ANDREW NEITLICH

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Motto: The Real Currency is "Relationship Riches"